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Binghamton Gas Price-Plunge Expected to End
A petroleum analyst says Southern Tier drivers may enjoy falling gas prices for a little longer.
But Jeffrey Pelton, who tracks prices for the consumer website, says the "good times may be over" by the end of this month.
Pelton notes the Binghamton area was "lat…
Binghamton-Area Gas Prices Dropping Below $2
Gas prices below two dollars a gallon are becoming more common across the Southern Tier.
Three places along Route 11 in Whitney Point have been displaying prices of under two bucks for several days. The price slipped another three cents - down to $1...
Binghamton Pump Prices to Plunge Further
Drivers in the Twin Tiers may wind up with a little extra cash during the upcoming holiday season. Gas prices in the Binghamton area are expected to keep dropping for the next couple of months.
Jeff Pelton, a price analyst for the consumer website gasbuddy...
Binghamton Gasoline Prices Continue To Fall
The cost of a gallon of gasoline in the Binghamton area is about 60 cents lower today than it was a year ago.
The ongoing price plunge at gas pumps is resulting in significant savings to drivers as they refuel their vehicles.
Several stations and convenience stores in Broome and Tioga counties are pos…
Binghamton Gas Prices Still Falling
The price of virtually everything else may be rising but there's one place where that's not the case, at least for the moment.
Gasoline prices across the Twin Tiers and around the United States continue to drop and some industry experts predict the trend will continue through the end of the…
Binghamton Gas Prices Continue To Fall
Drivers across the Southern Tier and around the country are encountering lower gasoline prices compared to a year ago.
According to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report, the average pump price for a gallon of regular in the Binghamton market has dropped to about $3...
Binghamton Gas Prices Rising Again
Pump prices are increasing at gas stations around the Binghamton area as the Labor Day weekend approaches.
While the cost of a gallon of regular is about three cents higher than a week ago, local prices still are about 14 cents a gallon lower than one year ago...
Binghamton Gas Prices On The Rise
Drivers around the Twin Tiers already are paying higher gasoline prices than a week ago and the increases are likely to continue.
Some Binghamton-area gas stations have raised pump prices by 14 cents a gallon in the last ten days. One local station increased its prices by eight cents a gallon from Th…
Hurricane Isaac Could Bring Increased Gas Prices
As Hurricane Isaac slowly pushes on shore in Louisiana, New York residents could be facing a hike in gas prices.  Officials say that 346 offshore oil and gas production platforms have been evacuated due to the strong hurricane.
Wholesale gas prices have jumped nineteen cents per gallon since the shut…