Binghamton mayor Matthew Ryan is looking forward to a possible stop by President Obama in the Binghamton area.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program Tuesday, Ryan said he had not personally been told that Obama may be considering a local visit.

But the mayor said based on news reports, it seems likely the president's planned bus tour late next week will include a stop in this region.

Ryan said he's "hopeful" there will be a local visit. He said a presidential visit would be a "good thing for our area."

The mayor recalled President Ronald Reagan's visit to Endicott on September 12, 1984.

Ryan said he was the "only guy that got a protest sign" into what was a Reagan campaign rally at Union-Endicott High School.

The mayor said a "Republican friend" had given him a ticket for the afternoon event at Ty Cobb Stadium.

Ryan noted the Secret Service wasn't allowing anyone to enter the site with protest signs. So, he said, "I put the cardboard in my shirt and got in there."

Ryan said the sign read: "You haven't deceived us all, Ronnie."

The mayor said security people approached him after he held up the sign and told him that was not allowed.

Ryan said he showed them his ticket and challenged them to confiscate the sign, suggesting he'd file a lawsuit claiming his free-speech rights were violated.

Ryan said they talked it over and "finally backed away and left me alone."