A section of another downtown Binghamton parking facility was closed for a time because of a hole in the structure's concrete floor.

City engineer Philip Krey says repairs at the Collier Street garage were completed a few days ago.

Krey told WNBF News a small hole had opened up in a floor in the facility. He said concrete repairs were made to an area that measured about five by ten feet.

Krey said some parking spaces were closed temporarily because of the concrete issue.

Similar repairs were made to a street-level section of the State Street garage in November as a small opening in the concrete continued to widen.

Krey said spot repairs will be done to the three downtown city-owned parking garages as needed.

More work probably will be necessary because the concrete in sections of the structures continues to deteriorate.

Krey said the city is working to develop a long-range plan for the garages, especially the Collier Street facility, which appears to be in need of the greatest amount of work.