Teri Rennia has released a five-point plan on how she would address public safety if she's elected Binghamton mayor.

Rennia, who is City Council president, is the only announced Democratic Party mayoral candidate.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program this morning, Rennia said the issue of public safety is one of the "most important things" facing the city.

Rennia said she developed the plan with an eye toward the city's financial constraints.

She emphasized that if she becomes mayor, there would be "no reductions" in public safety personnel.

Rennia also said she would work to develop creative and efficient ways to provide services. She said she'd work closely with community groups and public safety workers to increase community policing.

Rennia said she'd pursue revenue sources, including federal grants, that could be used for public safety program. She also said she'd work to develop juvenile justice programs in the city.

Three men - Richard David, Edward Hickey and Douglas Walter Drazen - are seeking the Republican Party nomination for mayor.