The head of a New York state coalition of business and trade groups says he's hearing plenty of questions about the television commercials people are seeing touting a "New New York."

Unshackle Upstate executive director Brian Sampson says many New York business owners he's spoken with find the message in the ads to be "very frustrating."

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Sampson said upstate business operators who see the commercials know they "live in the fiftieth worst business tax climate in the country."

Sampson said he understands the campaign's goal but he questions the decision to tout such a message while so many New York business owners are "trying to make ends meet" because of the burdens imposed by the state.

Sampson said Governor Cuomo and the legislature should do more to "reduce the regulatory burden" on employers to help them create more jobs and "put people back to work."

While some positive steps have been taken, Sampson noted the state's business still are burdened with high tax and energy costs.

Whenever he speaks to groups in upstate New York, Sampson said he hears from many people who are not happy with the ads being run by Empire State Development Corporation.

Sampson said: "They don't believe that they're accurate." He said they know the challenges they face in doing business in New York and look at the number of businesses that have closed. He said: "They know what's going on. They know the reality. They're dealing with it. A high-priced glossy ad campaign isn't going to change their opinion."