Christopher Moss, who ran as the Republican candidate for New York lieutenant governor, says he's working to get more people enrolled in the party.

The 47-year-old Moss, who has been Chemung County sheriff for nine years, was Rob Astorino's running mate in the November election.

Moss has announced he's filed paperwork with the state Board of Elections to establish a committee called "Sheriff Moss for New York."

Moss also has set up a website bearing the name of the committee.

Moss said he hopes to increase the involvement of African-American and Hispanic New Yorkers in the Republican Party.

The new committee is expected to support candidates statewide who are interested in reducing taxes and creating jobs "by producing a friendlier business atmosphere."

Moss also said there will be efforts to back prospective candidates who will oppose infringements on Second Amendment rights. He noted many New Yorkers are unhappy with the NY Safe Act gun-related regulations approved by the legislature two years ago.

Moss intends to continue speaking around the state before organizations interested in his goals.