One of three people arrested in Binghamton in a drug raid this week is facing additional charges as investigators say they found he gave a fake name and false date of birth upon his arrest.

The 29 year old man, who identified himself as Jamall Shannon, was found to actually be Jamall Fisher and was wanted in Connecticut.

Officials with the Broome County Special Investigations Unit Task Force say The Constitution State wants Fisher for assault, criminal possession of a firearm, criminal use of a firearm, unlawful dischrge of a firearm and reckless endangerment in connection with an October, 2011 shooting incident.

Fisher was charged with felony drug possession, misdemeanor using drug paraphernalia and a violation charge of unlawful possession of marijuana following the raid of a Williams Street, Binghamton apartment.  He's now also charged in Broome county with forgery, for signing onto the false information during his processing at the Broome County Jail, false personation and being a fugitive from justice.