Truckers are receiving additional guidance in maneuvering the downtown Binghamton roundabout.

New signage is in place to provide assistance to drivers operating large vehicles at the Court Street intersection with Chenango and Exchange streets.

Some tractor-trailer operators have experienced difficulty in guiding rigs through the roundabout, which opened to traffic last August.

In one incident four weeks ago, a large truck caused significant damage to signs, bricks and several decorative fence posts on the northeast corner of Court and Chenango streets.

Mayor Matthew Ryan has said the problems at the roundabout are the result of driver inattention or inexperience.

In the May 7 episode, Ryan said the driver admitted to being distracted by a GPS device that was instructing him to turn as he tried to navigate the small traffic circle.

For months, the mayor has said large trucks and emergency vehicles can safely use the roundabout. But, he has said, there was a need for "some education" to explain the proper way to get through the intersection.

The roundabout was constructed as part of the Court Street Gateway Project.