Close to 500 people turned out to attend Saturday's Citizen Preparedness Training Program at the Events Center on campus at Binghamton University.  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made an appearance at the disaster preparedness training event.

The day's presentations included information on how to prepare and respond to disaster situations.  The Army National Guard led the training sessions.  Advice was offered on dealing with disaster situations as they are happening as well as how to handle survival after damage has occurred.

Presenters advised those in attendance that they may need to be able to able to deal with water, food and power shortages for as long as 10 days in case of disaster.  Many in attendance faced that scenario in the past few years after two major floods hit Broome County and the surrounding areas in 2006 and 2011.

Attendees received emergency kits that included safety goggles, a flashlight and radio with batteries, water and water container, tap, gloves and plastic drop cloth.