A hole in the concrete on the street level of a downtown Binghamton parking garage is being investigated by city officials.

The opening on the first floor of the city-owned State Street parking facility was discovered a few days ago.

City engineer Philip Krey told WNBF News that the situation will be assessed and a determination will be made whether immediate repairs are necessary.

Krey said concrete repair work could be ordered despite the cold weather if it appears the problem needs prompt attention.

If the concrete work can be delayed until the weather is warmer, the repairs would be less costly.

The hole in the concrete is located a few yards away from the parking garage exit. One parking space near the opening is out of service with a cone placed near the hole. A second parking space directly below the hole also is out of service, blocked by a Department of Public Works barricade.

A similar hole developed near the entrance to the State Street garage about two years ago. That was repaired several months after it was first reported to city officials.

Krey said officials inspect the three downtown parking garages twice a year. He said a walk-through of the three structures was conducted recently.

The garages now are about a half-century old. Deterioration of the structures has been a concern in recent years.

Krey said the city spent about a million dollars to pay for structural repair work at the garages a couple of years ago to address issues to keep the facilities safe.

Krey said each parking garage can accomodate between 500 and 600 vehicles.

Although the downtown parking facilities are owned by the city, they are managed by LAZ Parking.