An audit conducted by New York state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli's office has faulted procedures used by the Fenton town clerk.

The review examined financial operations within the clerk's office for the period from January 2011 through June of this year. The audit focused on selected town clerk receipts during that time.

The audit concluded the clerk did not ensure receipts were properly recorded and deposited in a timely manner.

The review also determined the clerk, Jean Baker, did not provide adequate oversight of employees who collect money in the office.

According to the comptroller's office, the Fenton town board did not address the issues it uncovered during an audit of the clerk's books and records.

The state audit recommended the town develop procedures to ensure the proper collection, recording and deposit of receipts.

The report also recommended the clerk be required to correct issues identified in the town's annual audit.

The town submitted a response to the comptroller's findings last month. The response was submitted by town supervisor David Hamlin; Baker, the current clerk; and Melodie Bowersox, the clerk-elect.

The response indicated the town board recognized some of the shortcomings cited in the state report.

But the response noted the board disputed the conclusion that "they did not address the issues."

The response stated the board, the current clerk and the clerk-elect are taking steps to deal with the problems cited by the audit.