A Brooklyn man, who was wanted on a felony warrant for criminal possession of a weapon in connection with an April, 2012 homicide in Johnson City, is in custody after fleeing from Endicott Police while being arrested July 9.

22 year old Devon Carty was being arrested for a domestic incident on Jefferson Avenue in which he allegedly threw a chunk of concrete through a window, causing minor injuries to a man in the home.  Police say he took off as he was being led to the patrol car.

He was spotted on the roof of a garage and then was apprehended, still in handcuffs, after jumping to a third floor porch.

Carty is charged with criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and assault in connection with the domestic dispute. For the chase with police, he's with escape.

Carty is also charged with false personation and forgery in regards to giving a false name on an official document while being processed.