Officials with the Broome County Humane Society are finding themselves taking in what seems to be a growing number of dogs that have been left behind at vacant buildings in the City of Binghamton.

City lawmakers are talking about what they can do about the on-going problem.

Councilor Chris Papastrat says many of the dogs, including Pitt Bulls, are trained to be aggressive, fight or guard.

Officials say they are concerned about the animals getting out and hurting someone.

City Police already have to deal with aggressive dogs, especially when they step in to make drug arrests.

While Pit Bulls were specifically mentioned at the meeting between Dog Control officials and council, Council president Teri Rennia said there could not be a law passed that singles out a specific breed.

The lawmakers are also looking back at an ordinance passed in the 1970s that limits the number of dogs a resident can own.  Officials say they aren’t sure of the four dog limit is still in effect.

Other municipalities have similar laws. For example, in Johnson City there is a limit of five pets.. cats, dogs or a combination, that can ben harbored in a residence.