The New York Daily News and Associated Press are reporting New York Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott, New York City Police and agents from the federal Department of Homeland Security are investigating reported cheating on commercial driver license tests.

Nineteen suspects have been arrested.

At a news conference September 26, officials said some of the alleged drivers were operating some of the most vulnerable vehicles on the road like trucks hauling hazardous materials, tow trucks and double and triple trailer trucks.

Leahy-Scott says some drivers allegedly used pencils that had coded answers to the test questions inscribed on them.  Others left the test side and used 'runners' to take the blank test to someone to fill in the correct answers.

Scott says her office's investigation has turned up evidence that some people paid thousand of dollars for test answers to questions involving things like brake safety and proper loading and transporting of hazardous materials.

The 19 arrested have all pleaded not guilty to charges associated with the alleged scam.

The investigation is continuing and authorities called the first arrests "the tip of the iceberg."