An educational bus operated by the Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network made a stop at the Broome County Public Library to promote its programs and resources.

The C-SPAN bus was open to the public Thursday morning to provide information about the organization's mission and its offerings.

Spokesman Chris DeManche says the bus tour is highlighting the new season of the C-SPAN series called "First Ladies: Influence and Image."

Speaking on WNBF Radios's Binghamton Now program, DeManche said a great deal of research went into development of the program. It can be seen Monday evenings at 9:00 on C-SPAN.

DeManche said the series will feature all of the nation's first ladies. More information about the program may be found on C-SPAN's website.

The C-SPAN bus tour of New York state continues through Saturday. The promotion is being done in partnership with Time Warner Cable.