Broome County government has developed a website billed as a "natural gas resource guide."

Bob Joseph/WNBF News [file][/caption]According to County Executive Debra Preston's office, the guide provides a comprehensive look at natural gas-related information and services.

In a statement, Preston said the website is meant to "answer people's questions about the natural gas industry."

Preston said the site provides news content, emergency information, employment information and more.

Preston said while she supports "safe natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale, this website is not a push to permit safe natural gas drilling in the state."

The site is being run by the county Office of Energy Development.

Isaac Silberman-Gorn of Citizen Action of New York, an opponent of high-volume hydraulic fracturing, issued a statement saying the website's launch confirms the office is "ignoring the dangers of the unsafe, polluting fracking process."

Silberman-Gorn said $6,000 in taxpayer money was spent on what he described as a "public relations stunt." He said the office should promote renewable and retrofitting options available to county residents.