Roger Neel/WNBF News [April 24, 2014][/caption]Broome County Executive Debra Preston is back working in her office at the county office building after working at home while recovering from lung cancer surgery.

Preston says she was scheduled chemotherapy treatments locally through United Health Services on July 3 but plans to continue to work, especially concentrating on the budget.

The Executive was diagnosed with lung cancer in April and underwent surgery in New York City.

Since the surgery, Preston has been keeping in touch with staff through phone conversations, email and Skype from home.

Preston says she expects the surgery was the easy part and dealing with the effects of chemotherapy will be harder, but she is determined to keep working.

Depending how she feels, the Republican says has plans to kick off the Binghamton Air Show July 4th.

If she isn’t up to it, Preston plans to send a recorded message.