Broome Community College is getting the nod to move forward with the construction of student housing on the Town of Dickinson campus.

BCC President Dr. Kevin Drumm has said adding dormatories to community college campuses is a growing trend and helps add to the appeal of a school.

March 21st, two legislative measures critical to the development of a 336 bed dorm were approved by the Broome County legislature. One measure authorizes a 50-year, $1 lease of the 5.46 lot between Upper Front Street and College Drive. The lease agreement is between the BCC Housing Development Corp. and the county. The other measure was the negative environmental impact statement that's required by law.

The planned four-story, 180,000 square foot facility is expected to cost $18.2 million.

Tentatively, ground is expected to be broken between late April and the beginning of July.

BCC officials say they hope the dormatory will be completed before the start of classes for the 2014-2015 school year.