Some Binghamton residents have expressed their anger over tree-trimming operations that have been going on to prevent future electric power disruptions.

Now, one West Side woman who's been concerned about the fate of trees in her neighborhood has tweeted a picture with the caption: "Looks like the trees are fighting back."

Dr. Jennifer Redmore posted an image of a tree limb that came crashing down in front of her home Tuesday morning.

Redmore's twitter description says: "I speak for the trees."

The dentist told WNBF News that the tree pruning that's occurred on the West Side in recent weeks has been troubling, although she understands some maintenance is needed to protect power lines.

Redmore said she believes the trimming "could have been done a little better."

Redmore and other city residents contacted the mayor's office to express their unhappiness with the way the pruning has been done.

Representatives of NYSEG have been in touch with the city Shade Tree Commission to discuss the trimming program. The pruning operations were suspended last week after the city received complaints from West Side residents about what some described as a "hack job."