City officials are advising Binghamton residents that crews are pruning trees in an effort to minimize power outages.

According to information released by City Hall, Nelson Tree Service will be doing the work for NYSEG.

The pruning of trees that could come into contact with electric lines is scheduled to continue over the next several weeks.

NYSEG is to provide advance notice by postcard to residents in neighborhoods where work is planned.

Nelson Tree Service then tries to follow up with additional contact. For people who aren't home, Nelson is to leave a letter on their door.

Residents with questions about the pruning project may contact Nelson using the information the company provides or they may call NYSEG at 800.572.1111.

Mayor Matthew Ryan said steps are being taken to minimize the impact the tree trimming will have on "our urban forest."

City officials have been working to coordinate the project with NYSEG. Binghamton's Parks Department and Shade Tree Commission plan to keep in touch with the utility as the pruning continues.