An informational meeting on the Calvin Coolidge Elementary School asbestos situation will be held Thursday evening.

The Binghamton City School district has scheduled the session for parents and guardians of children who are to attend Coolidge starting September 4.

The East Side school will remain closed while an asbestos cleanup project continues.

The informational meeting will be held at the Columbus School at 164 Hawley Street. It's to start at 6 p.m. Thursday.

School district officials have said the state health department's review of the Coolidge asbestos situation concluded the contamination appeared to pose a "minimal risk."

Children who were to go to class at Coolidge in two weeks instead will attend four different schools.

The district is working on bus transportation schedules.

Cleanup at the Coolidge building may be completed in about three months. The work is being done by Sunstream Corporation of Binghamton.

School district officials say material containing asbestos was discovered in a basement crawl space at the Robinson Street school.