Some Binghamton and Johnson City residents are complaining to city police about the tactics of two men who reportedly have been going door-to-door in recent days.

Authorities say they've heard from people who were visited by men who claimed to be representatives of a company called Just Energy.

Officials say the men are said to employ high-pressure sales tactics in an effort to convince people to quickly sign documents.

According to Binghamton police, the Better Business Bureau previously received complaints about the company.

City detectives say the men were described as being in their twenties. They were wearing winter coats and knit hats with the words and logo of "Just Energy" visible. The men also were said to have had laminated clip-on ID cards.

Police Friday afternoon were sent to Gaylord Street on Binghamton's East Side after calls were received of two men matching the description in the neighborhood.

Authorities said anyone having contact with people claiming to represent Just Energy may contact the Binghamton Police Department at 607.723.5321.