Matthew Ryan says "it's been an honor" to serve as mayor of Binghamton for the past eight years.

Ryan visited WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program Tuesday to discuss the challenges he faced as mayor and to recall some of the things that were accomplished since he took office in 2005.

The mayor said the team he assembled made "amazing progress on so many different fronts."

Ryan said he was pleased with the work his administration made in improving the city's financial position.

The mayor noted Binghamton faced big challenges in the aftermath of three devastating floods during his time in office. Ryan also recalled the difficulties faced by families, friends and residents following the 2009 mass shooting at the American Civic Association building.

Ryan acknowledged that before taking office eight years ago, he didn't fully realize what awaited him as mayor. He said prior to becoming mayor, he had not appreciated some of the city's financial challenges, noting he had not been a member of city council.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News

During the "exit interview," Ryan sported a bright green t-shirt sporting the slogan "Roundabouts are GORGES." The reference was to the downtown roundabout that was constructed as part of the Court Street Gateway Project. The roundabout was the source of much debate before and after it was built.

Ryan said he'll be moving to Ithaca with his wife. He said he'll continue to be interested in efforts to improve the city of Binghamton.

Ryan could not seek a third term as mayor because of the city term limit law.

Richard David is to be sworn in as Binghamton mayor on Wednesday.