Witnesses say several young people - possibly Binghamton High School students - were taken into custody Wednesday afternoon after a disturbance on Front Street, just east of the school.

People who saw what they described as a "brawl" say the trouble started with a fight on a grassy area in front of the Binghamton Club at 83 Front Street around 3:30.

One man estimated that "about 50 kids" ran toward the disturbance just south of Main Street. He said 10 to 15 police vehicles responded to the area, blocking Front Street "for close to an hour."

Witnesses said it appeared eight young people may have been arrested, although one person said the actual number taken away from the scene appeared to have been higher.

A person who viewed the scene told WNBF News: "It was a nightmare."

Binghamton police officers and supervisors declined to comment about the arrests, saying all information had to come through the police administration office. Calls to the police chief and assistant chiefs were not returned.

Kyle Seeley, executive assistant to Mayor Matthew Ryan, Friday afternoon said he was unaware of the incident but would try to obtain information about it.

Two marked police cars were posted near the high school at dismissal time Thursday afternoon. No incidents were reported the day following the brawl.