Four people are in custody for allegedly riding around in a rolling methamphetamine laboratory in Tioga County.

35 year old David Brown of Athens, Pennsylvania and 35 year old Angela Bingham, 32 year old Samantha Cyr and 33 year old Kevin Hopkins, all of Owego, were stopped by Waverly Police on West Pine Street June 1 for a traffic infraction.

The officer says a methamphetamine lab was found in the vehicle, along with baggies of meth, needles and chemcials used to make the drug.

All of the occupants of the car are charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine. Cyr is also charged with false impersonation for allegedly lying to the officer about her identity.  All were sent to the Tioga County Jail.

In addition to Waverly Police, the Waverly Barton Fire Department and several HAZMAT teams, including the New York State Police Chemical Response Team had to be called in, given the volitile nature of the materials involved in meth manufacture.