Hundreds of BAE Systems employees at the company's Endicott site were informed Wednesday morning that a proposed merger with European aerospace giant EADS would not occur.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News

About 1200 people who work at the BAE facility on the Huron Campus were advised that it's business as usual now that the deal had been scuttled.

The possible merger between the two big companies was disclosed about a month ago.

It was the latest in a series of developments that have had the potential to affect BAE Systems workers in Broome County.

The parent company had explored a possible sale of its Platform Solutions division, which includes the local operations. But that option was dropped early last year after BAE was unable to find a buyer willing to pay what it had hoped to receive for the unit.

BAE Systems operations were disrupted in September 2011 by the flood that devastated the government-owned site it had occupied in Westover.

The facility -- known as Air Force Plant 59 -- at 600 Main Street was deemed a total loss and operations were shifted to the former IBM Endicott manufacturing site on the village's North Side.