The deadline for getting school budget ballots in the hands of district officials has loosened.

Voters are exclusively mailing in their ballots for the first time.  Districts were supposed to have RECEIVED the votes by 5 p.m. June 9. That has been extended to allow the votes to be hand-delivered through 5 p.m. June 9th and received by mail by the school district through June 16. 

Getty Images/ mygueart
Getty Images/ mygueart

An Executive Order signed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo over the weekend extends the deadline to submit absentee ballots until the day of the election.

The Governor’s office says, in order to be counted, primary ballots must be postmarked by June 23.

An earlier executive order allowed all New Yorkers to vote absentee in the June 23 primary to avoid forcing people to physically go to polling places and risk being exposed to the coronavirus in order to exercise their right to vote.

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