Reaction is coming from all sides following word that Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to extend the run of the New York State Fair by five days.

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The Democrat is calling for the fair to open five days earlier, on August 21 and continue through Labor Day.

While the added days are designed to add on to already growing attendance, with the fair breaking records the past couple of years, they also pose a challenge on a number of fronts.

The Fair, itself, will have to have enough staff to work and maintain the fairgrounds outside of Syracuse while vendors are looking at their schedules.  Many travel around county fairs and local festivals and moving the start of New York’s state fair up poses a conflict with some other locales that try to time the close of their local fair with the start of the big show in Onondaga County.  

Jim Free/ Townsquare Binghamton News

The added dates could also pose a challenge for booking entertainment to fill the new calendar days and farmers that set up for the traditional 13-day exposition will have to consider the health and safety of their animals and how many people they can spare from their home operations for some or all of the added week.

Governor Cuomo says adding on the days will cost New York an additional $4.9 million dollars.