Some town officials are talking about a plan to divide New York into two autonomous regions.

Members of the Upstate New York Towns Association met with the leader of a group that wants to break away from the nine downstate counties.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Association president Carolyn Price said the session was held Saturday in Delaware County.

Price, who is the Windsor town supervisor, said association members heard a presentation from a representative of the Divide New York Caucus.

The caucus has developed a proposal to create a region known as "New Amsterdam" comprised of the 53 upstate counties.

Price said the plan separate regions with a token state government.

Supporters of the proposal for autonomous regions say the state constitution would have to be amended to make the plan a reality. An effort to divide New York into two states would require approvals from lawmakers in both Albany and Washington, which is viewed as unlikely.

Price said "we have to look at the options that are out there." The town supervisor noted many upstate residents have been concerned about their lack of power in Albany in recent years.

Price said she expects upstate town officials will continue to discuss steps that might be taken to help address the economic and other challenges facing their communities.

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