Broome and Tioga Counties each announce another death from the coronavirus.

April 20, Broome County executive Jason Garnar announced a woman in her 80s died of the disease, the third in as many days and the 11th in the County.  All the recent deaths have been reported at Broome County hospitals.

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Tioga County Health officials report the 4th death in the county.  Tioga does not provide details concerning age or gender of the deceased.  

Broome has a total of 215 confirmed coronavirus cases, Tioga County 63.  No new cases were reported April 20 in Chenango, Cortland or Delaware Counties.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo April 20 said 478 more people have died in the state.  That is the lowest daily total of fatalities from the coronavirus in two weeks.  New York had 4,726 new cases for a total of 247, 512 positive cases.

During his briefing to reporters, the Governor called on the federal government to provide hazard pay for essential public workers, proposing a 50 percent bonus for healthcare, transit, cleaning service and other workers.

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar was asked if the county would look to provide hazard pay as well.  Garnar said he would love to be able to do that but the county, like other governments, is broke with no sales tax or other normal revenue coming in due to the emergency shutdown.  The Governor was even talking about 20 percent state aid cuts to schools, local governments and other agencies unless the federal government comes through with emergency funding.       

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