Three Pennsylvania residents are in the Broome County Jail after they were found to be in possession of a stolen car and guns.

Broome County Sheriff's discovered the stolen vehicle behind the Super 8 Motel on Old Front Street.  Police say when they arrived at the motel all three suspects fled the scene.  All three were eventually apprehended.

Police have arrested 19 year-old Omar Jones, 26 year-old Jamie Barton and 28 year-old Joshua Hanson all of Erie, PA.  The three are accused of stealing a car from a local auto repair shop.  When that car broke down in Walton, the trio allegedly stole a second car; the car that was recovered by Broome County Sheriffs.  Police also discovered two stolen guns that had reportedly been used in a robbery in Pennsylvania in that vehicle.

Jones is charged with two counts of felony possession of stolen property and one count of felony weapons possession.  Barton is charged with one count each of felony possession of stolen weapons and property.  Hanson is charged with one count each of criminal possession of a weapon and misdemeanor possession of stolen property, and two counts of felony stolen property.

All three are being held in the Broome County Jail without bail.

The investigation is ongoing.

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