Wilson Medical Center

Second Arrest
Another teenager has been arrested as the result of the investigation into a sexual assault in an employee parking lot at Wilson Medical Center in Johnson City.
JC Sexual Assault
Johnson City police are trying to locate a suspect in connection with a sexual assault on a woman in a parking lot outside Wilson Medical Center.
Collapse Cleanup Complete
Workers have completed the removal of concrete, steel and other debris from the site of a parking garage collapse in Johnson City.
No injuries or deaths occurred when the top level of the two-floor parking deck across from UHS Wilson Medical Center fell on July 16...
Garage Collapse Aftermath
Debris removal at the site of the garage collapse near UHS Wilson Medical Center in Johnson City may be completed later this week.
Several vehicles, including a Toyota Highlander owned by former Broome County executive Jeff Kraham, were destroyed when the top level of the parking deck fell Thursday a…
Wilson Medical Center Work to Close Street
A heavily-traveled street in Johnson City is expected to be out of service because of a project at Wilson Medical Center.
According to village officials, Baldwin Street between Main Street and Corliss Avenue is expected to be closed for several hours Thursday...