traffic signals

Traffic Signal Upgrades
A project to upgrade and repair traffic signals at three busy Endicott intersections could pose a few problems for drivers.
Village police says the Endicott Light Department is planning work on traffic signals March 20.
Crews will  working along North Street at the intersections with McKinle…
Signal pulled
An antiquated traffic signal has been removed from a busy intersection on Binghamton's West Side.
The old signal at Leroy and Oak streets was taken out early this week.
Drivers say initially stop signs were installed for motorists on Oak Street...
Light flight
It's possible that some traffic signals in the city of Binghamton could vanish in the days ahead.
City officials have been considering the possible removal of nine signals in an effort to save money and improve traffic flow.
Signs at the intersection of Conklin Avenue and Telegraph Street now adv…
Red light study
The city of Binghamton could soon replace some traffic signals with stop signs.
Mayor Matthew Ryan says the city will try to balance safety and convenience with potential cost savings.
A study is planned to determine whether the removal of certain signals would improve traffic flow at some intersectio…