Port Dickinson

Teacher Dies in Crash
The man who died after an SUV struck a barn in the town of Fenton was a veteran teacher in the Chenango Valley School District.
Child Exploitation Plea
A Port Dickinson man believed to be a leader of an online club that had male members pretending to be teens in order to get underage girls to preform sex acts admits his role in the child exploitation ring.
Child Exploitation
Three of the men accused of participating in an interstate child exploitation ring, allegedly headed by a Port Dickinson man, pleading guilty.
The Gas Debate Goes On
The battle over a plan to develop a natural gas compressor station near Hillcrest and Port Dickinson in the Town of Fenton continues.
Child Porn Charges
Federal officials are accusing a Port Dickinson man of running a multi-state, online chat site involving child pornography.
Water Woes
Water pressure at Port Dickinson Elementary School dropped suddenly and some village residents lost water service for a time because of work on a system upgrade.
Telephone Trouble
A reported fiber optic line problem has made it impossible for many Broome County residents to directly call their police department.
Legal Challenge
The Chenango Valley School District is preparing to hire a law firm to investigate options regarding a proposed natural gas transfer facility in the Town of Fenton.

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