parking garage

The Trudge Report
People who use a downtown Binghamton parking ramp can expect to see working elevators in the city-owned facility soon.
Mayor Richard David said two new elevators are to be installed at the State Street garage.
David was asked about the lack of functioning elevators in the twelve-level parking ramp on …
Need a Lift?
One of the two remaining city-owned parking garages in downtown Binghamton has a dozen levels but no working elevators.
Hundreds of people use the State Street ramp every day. The garage has eight floors for above-ground parking and four levels below street level...
Still Open
Binghamton Mayor Richard David said the Collier Street parking garage will remain open beyond this month.
WNBF News on Monday reported sources had said the city was making preparations to close the facility at the end of the month...
Collapse Cleanup Complete
Workers have completed the removal of concrete, steel and other debris from the site of a parking garage collapse in Johnson City.
No injuries or deaths occurred when the top level of the two-floor parking deck across from UHS Wilson Medical Center fell on July 16...

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