New York City

Papal Mass
The president of Catholic Schools of Broome County plans to attend a Papal Mass at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan next week.
Richard Bucci said he was notified by the Diocese of Syracuse that he was chosen by lottery to be one of 87 recipients of two tickets to the Mass...
Sweet relief
Tuesday was supposed to be the day: New York City was ready to implement its restrictions on the sale of large sugar-sweetened drinks. But a State Supreme Court justice invalidated the law Monday afternoon, several hours before it was to go into effect...
Odd-Even Gas Rationing in New York City
Some New York State motorists are about to experience the inconvenience of gas rationing.
New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is imposing an odd-even gas rationing program. It takes effect at six o'clock Friday morning.
If your vehicle's license plate ends with an odd number, you'll b…

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