IBM Endicott Superfund Meeting
Endicott-area residents will have an opportunity to tell state regulators what they think about the next step in addressing contamination at the former IBM property in the village.
Historic Money
Endicott and Broome County’s history is getting a boost thanks to a New York State Assembly capital grant.
IBM Reunion & Study
Former IBM workers are gathering for their first reunion in Endicott while a new study on contamination is called "flawed."
A "Very Complicated Case"
An attorney who worked for many of the people who claimed harm because of contamination at the IBM Endicott manufacturing site said the legal case could have dragged on for another two decades.
Stephen Schwarz of the Faraci Lange law firm in Rochester said all lawsuits involving allegations of vapor …
"Big Blue" Checks
IBM has paid several million dollars to hundreds of people who have been seeking compensation for claims related to chemical contamination at the company's Endicott microelectronics facility.
The company and many of the plaintiffs who had taken IBM to court last year agreed to a settlement of th…
Demolition Ahead?
A push to demolish three large buildings once used by IBM at its Endicott manufacturing complex is moving forward.
"Big Blue" Job Cuts
Another round of layoffs at IBM locations around the United States is underway.
Officials at IBM headquarters in Westchester County won't discuss how many workers are losing their jobs but reports suggest that the number will be at least several thousand...
Mixed signs
An Endicott-based electronics manufacturing firm is seeking to sell what it bills as "excess inventory."
The successor to Endicott Interconnect Technologies - i3 Electronics - has posted a five-page list on its website offering thousands of items the company no longer needs...
Blue news
The tale of what's happened to Endicott in the three decades since IBM began to dismantle its operations at the company's birthplace is front page news in the nation's capital.
Tuesday's Washington Post recounts the story with the headline: "Company town's decline re…
Bleak Blue
As the number of reported IBM layoffs this week continued to grow, there are indications some of those losing their jobs are attached to the company's Endicott operations.
The company, which has its headquarters in Westchester County, will not reveal how many people are being laid off as part of…

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