Charles Street Business Park

New Hope for Business Park
Binghamton officials are talking with representatives of companies that have expressed interest in locating in a business park that's failed to meet expectations.
New Hope?
An empty 32-acre site that was supposed to become a "state-of-the-art urban technology park in Binghamton may return to life.
Bird Refuge
A once-promising "state-of-the-art urban technology park" in Binghamton now is for the birds. Literally.
Out of Business
A Binghamton site billed´╗┐ as a "state-of-the-art urban technology park" by the state Economic Development Council is being abandoned by its sole occupant.
Where's the Business?
A 32-acre property in Binghamton's First Ward is available for up to six new businesses. Mayor Richard David wants the city to be able to take ownership and start marketing the site.