BC Transit

BC Transit Forum
People affected by the recent schedule revisions implemented by BC Transit will be able to discuss their concerns at a Binghamton forum.
Broome Lawmaker Criticizes Handling of Bus Changes
A Broome County legislator is calling for a public hearing on planned adjustments in BC Transit bus service.
Mary Kaminsky, a Democrat who represents the 13th District, objected to County Executive Debra Preston's plans to implement "major changes" in service without seeking pu…
Bus Driver Injured
A Broome County government bus driver was injured when the vehicle he was operating struck a tree in Chenango Bridge this morning.
The crash happened around 9 a.m. at 91 Chenango Bridge Road.
According to the Broome County Sheriff's Office, the 52-year-old Vestal man who was driving the BC Transi…
New Diesel-Fueled Buses
The seven buses most recently added to the BC Transit fleet traveled about 3,000 miles before hitting the roads of Broome County.
The vehicles were produced by Gillig Corporation at the company's manufacturing facility outside San Francisco...
New BC Transit Buses
A few new vehicles are being added to the BC Transit bus fleet.
Broome County has received six 40-foot Gillig buses. The vehicles, which were ordered last year, were assembled at the company's factory near San Francisco.
The diesel-fueled buses have 31 seats and can accommodate two wheelchairs...
Binghamton crash
A Binghamton police officer was among those injured when a patrol car collided with a BC Transit bus late this afternoon.
The crash happened at about 4:20 at the intersection of Court and Carroll streets.
Four ambulances were dispatched to the scene...

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