This past year many schools have been thrown into the sometimes-confusing rules and regulations that have been created due to the pandemic, and our school bus drivers have handled it well.

Many of our area school bus drivers have been out of commission, and others have had to enforce strict rules for safety, as the nation fights this horrible virus.

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These are the individuals we trust with our children on the roads each day to and from school, and according to a news release from the Vestal School District, the students of Glenwood Elementary recognize how important their school bus drivers can be.

The fifth graders in Ms Borgeson’s class started putting together “Thank You” cards to show their appreciation and lift the spirits of school bus drivers, the attendants who ride with them and other transportation staff.

The students made their cards last week and other students throughout the school joined the campaign

According to the U.S. Bureau of labor Statistics, there are close to 700 thousand school bus drivers, monitors, and transportation employees in this country.

I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to drive a big vehicle full of children around the city and country roads, sometimes in the most unfavorable weather conditions.

WNBF recognizes the hard work and dedication our School Bus Drivers continue to do each time they are behind the wheel.

Thank You for keeping our kids safe on the road.

Bus Drivers Thank You Cards

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