Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Crowley dairy products have been linked to Binghamton for a century. J.K. Crowley moved the company from Poughkeepsie to the Parlor City in 1915.

Although Massachusetts-based HP Hood closed the Conklin Avenue milk processing facility in the city in 2012, the Crowley brand name remains popular with consumers in the Binghamton area.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Some sharp-eyed customers are doing a double take these days because labels on several Crowley milk containers bear labels with the city's name misspelled.

Labels stating Crowley Foods is based in "Binghampton" began to appear recently.

The spelling problem emerged after Balford Farms of New Jersey licensed the Crowley brand from Hood.

Balford president Larry Bowes was shocked when he was informed of the spelling issue by WNBF News.

Bowes said new labels referencing the Balford Farms name should start appearing in stores soon.

The labels bearing the incorrect spelling of Binghamton appear only on certain Crowley products. Most other items now in stores still show the "HP Hood" company name and the correct spelling of the city.

Aside from the spelling glitch, Bowes said the transition to Balford Farms seems to be going smoothly.

Nearly three-dozen people who had worked for Hood at a Conklin distribution facility had feared they'd lose their jobs. But those jobs were preserved when Balford Farms announced it would keep the warehouse open.