Everybody knows Upstate New York is beautiful, but one town in the Southern Tier was just nominated for having the best public square in America for 2023.

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According to USA Today's 10 Best, Centerway Square in Corning, New York is among the nominees for 2023's best public squares in America.

Corning Centerway Square Whole
Google Maps

And according to the current voting results, as of January 10 Centerway Square is the leading vote getter. It's even ahead of New York City's iconic Washington Square Park, which is ranked 13 as of January 10.

And how could it not be? I mean just take a look at this perfect combination of pedestrian flow and seating options.

Corning Centerway Square Seating
Google Maps

And if you're not a city planning nerd who gets overly excited about functional space like me, maybe the stone clocktower emerging from Centerway Square will impress you.

Corning Centerway Square Clocktower
Google Maps

According to the website, voting for 2023's best public square is open until February 6 at noon, and the ten winning squares will be announced on February 17. So if you're looking to show some Southern Tier pride, you still have plenty of time to rally your friends and family over to their website and make sure Corning's Centerway Square doesn't lose its position at the top of the list.

And I recommend you do so, because there's a lot of nominees on this list that come from places with a much bigger population than Southern Tier cities. So if we want to establish the Southern Tier's dominance over the rest of the country, we're going to need to band together to make it happen.

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