New cases of the coronavirus continue to be reported all around the Southern Tier.

Broome County July 23 reported four new cases of COVID-19 for a total of 882 and 63 deaths. Chenango added three positive tests for coronavirus for a total of 191 and seven deaths.  Delaware County reports two new cases for a total of 91 and six deaths and Tioga County added two cases for a total of 180 and 24 deaths.

Getty Images/ Andrei Malov
Getty Images/ Andrei Malov

On Day 145 of the pandemic, New York State reported 13 additional deaths for a total of 25,084 lives claimed by COVID-19.  There were 811 new positive tests for the coronavirus, bringing New York State’s total infections to 409,697.

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The New York State Legislature, meanwhile has voted to take away some of the broad protections against legal action aimed at nursing homes, hospitals and other care facilities that were put in place during the height of the pandemic in the state in April.

The new measure, that needs consideration by Governor Andrew Cuomo, would narrow the immunity provisions that shielded healthcare facilities but does not go as far as some backer had sought.

Self-Care Practices During Covid-19


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