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Binghamton Police Investigate North Side Shooting

(Bob Joseph) City detectives were investigating an incident in which a man sustained a gunshot wound to his head at a residence on Binghamton's North Side. The shooting at 36 Frederick Street was reported around 11:15 a.m. Monday. Authorities said when police arrived at the scene, they found a 34-year-old man with a head injury. He was taken to Wilson Medical Center in Johnson City for treatment.

Broome County New York Scam Alert Impersonating Banking Institutions

(Don Morgan) Scammers continue to steal money from unsuspecting people. The latest scam alert comes from the Broome County Sheriff's Office. This time, scammers are pretending to be representatives from local banks and financial institutions. These scammers have been calling residents in Broome County with the aim of obtaining account numbers, PINs, and other personal information. The Sheriff's Office advises that if anyone receives such a call, do not provide any personal or account information over the phone. Verify any account activity or status in person at your local bank or financial institution branch.

Brazen Thieves Target Owego Dog Park Visitors

(Bob Joseph) People who bring their canine companions to play at a Tioga County park are being warned to be vigilant in the aftermath of recent smash-and-grab incidents. The most recent cases occurred at Hickories Park in the town of Owego. Windows of two vehicles belonging to women who were visiting the Rebecca Weitsman Memorial Dog Park were smashed and purses were stolen. Captain Trevor Yaeger of the Tioga County Sheriff's Office said deputies will be more vigilant in patrolling the park.

B. U.'s AI Research Boosted With $5M Donation From Alumnus

(Don Morgan) Binghamton Univerity announced on March 26, 2024, a $5 million donation from Bloomberg L.P. co-founder and Binghamton University alumnus Tom Secunda ’76, MA ’79. The donation goes toward attracting, recruiting, and retaining tech talent, for B.U. students to participate in the artificial intelligence economy of the future. Binghamton University notes that researchers on the campus have been working on several projects that use AI to tackle important societal issues, including protecting power systems from malicious attacks and developing a robotic seeing-eye dog for people who are blind.

Vestal Freihofer Thrift Store Closes Doors After 35 Years

(Bob Joseph) Freihofer's Thrift Store on Castle Gardens Road was shut down without advance notice. Company employees were advised of the corporate decision to suddenly close the store on Monday morning. The move happened so quickly that a wide array of baked goods remained on store shelves on Tuesday. A sign featuring a smiling Osito - the Bimbo Bakeries bear cub mascot - advised would-be shoppers that "we are permanently closed!" A handwritten sign at the parking lot entrance carried the same message.

Experience The 2024 Solar Eclipse: Exciting Events In Binghamton

(Don Morgan) Monday, April 8th, 2024 is quickly approaching, and the excitement is building throughout the country where the solar eclipse will be visible in areas of several states. The Binghamton area will get to experience 97 percent of the eclipse. Some area schools will have early dismissals on April 8th, and even some businesses will close for a short time as the eclipse passes over. If you are looking for some solar eclipse-related events to participate in before, during, and after the solar eclipse, Binghamton University in Vestal has four events.

Bassett Healthcare Director Indicted in CPAP Fraud Scheme

(Bob Joseph) A Oneonta man has been accused of mail fraud for actions that occurred when he was in charge of a hospital healthcare network. Authorities said 50-year-old Kevin Harrington was indicted on two federal mail fraud counts. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Harrington had been executive director of First Community Care of Bassett in Cooperstown. The agency is a unit of the Bassett Healthcare Network. While executive director, Harrington allegedly submitted fraudulent expense reports seeking reimbursement for the purchase of continuous positive airway pressure - CPAP - machines. In the scheme, Harrington was said to have provided invoices to his employer that falsely claimed he had paid thousands of dollars for medical equipment that had not been purchased.

Special Event 'Be Our Guest' At Broome County Senior Centers

(Don Morgan) For those who are ages 60 and over, there are nine senior centers located throughout Broome County, and the Office of Aging offers many programs and benefits to take part in at each senior center. Broome County Senior Centers offer several activities, programs, special events, and even meal options. For April, anyone who is not currently a regular at one of the nine senior centers (60 or older) and spouses of any age, or just haven't been to one of the senior centers in a while, are invited to "Be Our Guest. Visits in April will include a tour and introduction to activities, programs, meal options, and special events. A complimentary lunch will be offered along with two meal tickets that are good for another visit.

Binghamton School Evacuated for Chemical Investigation

(Bob Joseph) Binghamton firefighters and members of the Broome County hazmat team were sent to a West Side school to investigate what was reported to be a possible chemical spill. Authorities said emergency units were sent to Seton Catholic Central High School on Seminary Avenue shortly after noon on Wednesday. An initial report from the school indicated there was concern about a noxious order that was coming from the basement. The fire department investigation revealed a lid had been removed from a container of mercuric acid that was in a basement storage area. The chemical reacted with oxygen, creating the odor that people had noticed.

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