A Binghamton developer is working to determine what type of foundation will be needed for a five-story commercial and residential building he wants to construct downtown.

Mark Yonaty was at the city-owned site at the corner of Court and State streets Tuesday to watch as soil samples were taken.

The property has been empty since the O'Neil and Ross buildings were demolished more than a decade ago.

Yonaty said there were "investigational digs" to determine soil conditions and the depth of the foundation of an existing building to the south of the project site.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Yonaty said he expects to learn the results of the soil review in the next couple of weeks.

Soil samples were taken from a site at Court and State streets on April 20, 2021. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

The proposed project calls for construction of a mixed-use building with two commercial spaces on the street level and 20 residential units in the upper floors. The plan includes both one- and two-bedroom apartments.

Yonaty previously has estimated the project could cost about $5 million. He's not sure how much the delay in getting construction will add to the final price.

A rendering of a building proposed for a site at 70-72 Court Street in Binghamton. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)
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