While not something we want to think about, each of us will face the loss of a loved one at some point. Their story deserves to be told -- and we want to help tell it.

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As he was dying, I was asked to write my grandpa's obituary and read it to him before he passed. Doing so was was the most beautiful final gift that I could have given to the man who raised me as though I were his own daughter. He gave me his all and I wanted to put my all into telling his incredible story and so I poured my heart into it, letting the words flow from my mind to my pen, not really thinking about the number of words I ended up with.

After hearing his obituary, my grandpa asked me to publish his story in three different newspapers but I didn't know when I said I would was that doing so would come at an enormous cost. I ended up spending several thousands of dollars for the obituary to run in the newspapers for one single day. My heart hurt, my head spun, and my wallet cried.

We know that when someone you love dies, you're going through absolute devastation and the last thing we want to do is kick you while you're down. So, we're offering our community an affordable way to tell the world about the life of their loved one with no cap on the number of words and no additional fees to include a photograph -- that price is free.

How To Submit Your Loved One’s Life Story

Please, feel free to share your loved one's story and picture by sending an email to Binghamton.Obits@townsquaremedia.com. Think of it as an obituary-style post. We will take what you submit and create a post in your loved one's memory which will live on our website forever.

How To Find Your Loved One’s Published Life Story

Once your loved one story has been published, you'll be able to find it here. Their story will live on forever and will be easily accessible for family and friends to share over and over again. ​

A Few Notes:

  • If this is a very recent passing, feel free to add in funeral/memorial service information, but be aware that while we will work to get these uploaded as quickly as possible, there are no guarantees that the memorial will be up in time.
  • Proofread all submissions before sending. We will post exactly what we are sent.
  • By sending us a picture, you give us permission to crop the picture as needed to fit the proper dimensions of our website as well as to enhance the image if needed.
  • Somewhere in the obituary, please made sure to mention your loved one's connection to the Southern Tier (of NY/PA).
  • Please include your phone number in case we need to directly reach out to you.


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