A Binghamton memorial to Rod Serling - the creator of "The Twilight Zone" - was closed for a time due to drainage pipe problems.

Yellow "caution" tape had been placed around the landmark bandstand in Recreation Park on the city's West Side.

A large opening was visible in the wood ceiling of the structure, exposing pipes that apparently had developed leaks.

A large opening in the ceiling of the Rod Serling bandstand in Binghamton on February 26, 2021. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

Park visitors saw city workers closing off the beloved bandstand. A call to Mayor Richard David's office on Friday afternoon seeking information about the move was not returned.

Monday evening, after this story had been published, deputy mayor Jared Kraham told WNBF News in an email that the caution tape had been removed. He said the tape was put up as the parks department "looked into a drainage issue."

Kraham said the department "removed the slats in the soffit to access the issue and look at repairs. Aside from the soffit issue, the condition is not materially different than it was over the summer."

Kraham wrote that there "is no structural concern with the bandstand" and it is now open.

The bandstand was constructed in 1924. Repairs were made to it in an extensive renovation project in 1988.

A marker honoring Rod Serling in the Rec Park bandstand. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

Rod Serling grew up near Recreation Park. His nostalgia for the time he spent in the park inspired an episode of "The Twilight Zone" called "Walking Distance."

A marker honoring Serling and referring to that episode is in the center of the bandstand.

This story was updated to include information provided by Jared Kraham.

The Recreation Park bandstand as it appeared around 1940. (Photo: Broome County Historical Society)
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