Ticks and Lyme diseases has become a big problem for New York State residents with over 92 thousand cases reported over the past 20 years.

According to a news release U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is calling for $12 million dollars to support research to address the issues and study of tick-borne illnesses.

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The funds would go to the Department of Defense’s Tick Born Disease Research Program with extra funding to the Centers for Disease and Prevention.

In the release Gillibrand said “New York is a hotspot for Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses, and our communities have felt the impact of these diseases for years.”

The senator stated that there have been 92,577 reported cases of Lyme disease over the past two decades, and its vital that we provide funding for research to study and prevent outbreaks of vector borne diseases.

I personally know several people who have had Lyme disease and it can be a very nasty situation especially if you don’t know you have been infected.

I had an experience with a tick that burrowed its way into the left side of my torso, m wife was able to pull it completely out of my skin, and we sent it out to a lab for testing it came back negative.


Doug Mosher/ Townsquare Media
Doug Mosher/ Townsquare Media

Also quoted in Senator Gillibrand’s release was Project Lyme Executive Committee Chairman David Roth who had a personal experience too, Roth said When I became severely ill in 2010, it took ten doctors and multiple false negative test results before being diagnosed with Lyme disease and the co-infection babesia.”

According to the CDC website the early signs of Lyme Disease may include a bullseye rash, fever, chills headache, fatigue.

If you are experienced these signs and thin you may have been in contact with ticks, seek medical attention to be sure you are not infected.

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