Ross Park Zoo in Binghamton has some new residents and some new helpers to prepare the facility for the warmer weather.

Photo Courtesy Ross Park Zoo
Photo Courtesy Ross Park Zoo

Last month the zoo on Morgan Road received two Pallas cats from Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, Illinois.  The sister felines are part of the Species Survival plan and Ross Park hopes to have a breeding program in the future to help sustain the captive population of the Asian cats.

Meanwhile, the Broome Leadership Institute had selected the zoo for their Class of 2020 project.  Individuals in the 6-month community leadership training program will help in the restoration of the exhibit that had been occupied by the fishing cat and is the new home for the Pallas cats by working with Oasis Stonescapes to create conditions that mimic the cats’ natural habitat.  The class will also develop interactive tools at zoo exhibits and create an immersive zoo experience.

Information about zoo hours and admission can be found at or by calling 724-5461.


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