A small neighborhood park on Murray Street in Binghamton is the site of an improvement project this week.

Volunteers are constructing a pavilion at the Sunflower Park, which is located near the north end of Murray Street, between Dickinson and Meadow streets.

Binghamton University professor David Sloan Wilson is director of Design Your Own Park. It's a partnership involving the city, the United Way of Broome County and the Binghamton University Neighborhood Project.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Wilson said the initiative allows neighborhood residents to create parks of their own design.

Wilson said the Sunflower Park was an existing city park which neighbors had hoped to improve.

Those improvements have gotten underway with help from the Design Your Own Park project.

Wilson said the work was delayed by the flooding just over a year ago. He said the park was under four feet of water at one point.

Money has been raised to allow for construction of the pavilion.

Wilson said the park is a way to foster social interaction among those who live in the neighborhood.

The professor views the project as a social experiment in addition to improving a park.

Wilson said he finds it gratifying to see people in the neighborhood working together on the project.

Faculty and students working with the Binghamton Neighborhood Project help with designing and implementing park plans.

The United Way provides assistance in obtaining the money needed for the improvements.